Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obsessed with Oz

What is it about the media obsession with doctors and the medical field?  It seems like everywhere I turn I hear about yet one more medical show popping up on television. Seriously, are our lives really that interesting? It’s really not nearly as glorious as they make it seem, believe me.  In fact, it’s sometimes downright monotonous and anticlimactic.  I have spent many nights in the E.R, and never have I seen situations like those that pop up on these shows before…not even close.

And I hate to say this, but not many doctors look like George Clooney or James Franco.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good looking docs out there, but for the most part, we didn’t exactly give up a booming modeling career for a life filled with books and a stethoscope, Dr. Oz included (sorry, Dr. Oz).  So why this strange obsession with all things medical?

As a physician I just simply can’t engage and find myself “hooked” on any of these shows for some reason – is it just me?  Perhaps because the very LAST thing I want to do is to go home and feel as though I am back at work.  I’d rather watch completely mindless television, where I no longer have to THINK when I come home.

Plus, I don’t know about other docs, but for some reason I lose interest quite rapidly when I see situations that I know would never realistically happen.  I mean,  what are the odds of having a pole stuck through two individuals who are awake, coherent, and having a full on conversation for hours in the ER, while the surgeons decide which of the two they should ethically (and I use the term loosely) save; because they can save only one, but of course.  Just can't get into it, crazy me.  I'm sure lawyers feel the same way when they watch law shows, mafia members when they watch mob shows, etc...no?

Here’s my running list of medical shows thus far (some old, some new):

Doogie Howser, MD
Grey’s Anatomy
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Chicago Hope
Third Watch
Dr. 90210
Private Practice
Dr. Oz
The Doctors
St. Elsewhere
Boston Medical
General Hospital (I have to admit, my personal favorite)

Have any more to add?  Please share!


Jackie Fox said...

Here are a few more:
Private Practice (don't watch)
Some new show set in Caribbean, unless it's off air already (don't watch)
China Beach (I used to like that)
Go way, WAY back (first grade for me & I'm mid-50s!) and you have Dr. Kildare. My mom bribed me with a Dr. Kildare book to get my vaccinations :)

Jill of All Trades, MD said...

Oh, how can i forget China Beach! I did watch that one long ago(with actress Dana Delaney, i believe was her name, and now she's on Desperate Housewives)! Thanks for those great additions, Jackie!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Loved this post. I will say i agree, but I love HOuse because I imagine being able to say some of that stuff to patients. Ha ha. There are times when you just wish you could yell at some of them. The other reason these shows get on my nerves is that whomever you are watching it with always asks, "Could that really happen?" And then I have to spend the whole time explaining.

I think Dr. Oz deserves a whole post on his own. Why do people think he's soooooo awesome?

Jill of All Trades, MD said...

Dr. Fit to Fat, haven't seen House, but I may now have to give it a shot! :) And i've been wondering the same about Dr. Oz -- can't quite figure it out either, but i have to admit, he is a pretty animated character.

Thanks for reading my blog -- Your comment made me smile :)

DK,NP said...

I was going to say Dr. Kildare but Jackie beat me to it. My cousins and I had Dr. Kildare shirts.
How about Marcus Welby, MD?

Jill of All Trades, MD said...

DK NP, great suggestions, thank you. Haven't seen either, but i am now very curious to find what the t-shirt hype is all about (Dr. Kildare must have been good) :)

J. said...

House. I love House. But more for Hugh Laurie. He is such a good actor. I love how he can nail an American accent. The medical stuff - blah... I am more into Dr. House's character... that is what makes this show interesting.

Dreaming again said...

Marcus Welby MD
(Robert Young)
the spin off of MASH
Trapper John MD
(Pernell Roberts)

before I continue to date myself I will just add that I LOVE MASH but because of the humor and human interaction. It is probably no surprise that this middle aged psych major's favorite character is Sydney (the psychiatrist)

Minqi said...

one more: royal pain.

used to love house for the conversation and ER for medical terms before my residency.

The Admiral said...

Sorry, ego-docs, but it ain't medicine, it's the human condition.

Nobody likes House because he's a doctor. We like him because he's Sherlock Holmes, with Dr Wilson as his Dr Watson.

Gray's Anatomy? A surgical-opera.

Val said...

My late father, who was a doctor, loved medical shows here the UK. I think it was because it was a release from the realities of life. None of it's even remotely realistic... is it even intended to be?

I used to love them too, but I gave up after my last stay in hospital - who needs the reminders? That said, I enjoy reading medical blogs 'cos it reminds me of my dad. Probably not the right reason, but nevermind. Thanks for this post.

Dr. Julia Becker said...

The media definitely glamorizes physicians and makes it seem like every day is full of excitement and suspense. The media also portrays psychologists in an unrealistic way, which seems to scare a lot of people away from seeing a psychologist!

drum loops garageband said...

I was going to say Dr. Kildare but Jackie beat me to it. My cousins and I had Dr. Kildare shirts.